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Explore Silks Farm Nursery School

Explore Silks Farm Nursery School

Field Mice 

Our under 2s room

Our warm, homely and safe toddler & baby friendly areas. 
The room is divided into three free-flow spaces allowing plenty of space to play,

eat and rest.  Our under 2s room focuses on the three developmental essentials of early

care and education in babies:

  • Communication
  • Emotional security
  • Physical development

Click here for more information on providing care and education for under 2s


Our 2-3 year olds room

Providing the perfect exploration and creative space for our inquisitive 2 to 3 year olds.

For our 2 to 3 year olds, we combine a balance of child-led play with adult-initiated learning,

specifically designed to develop your child's creativitycaring for others and social skills,

as they establish their own identity.


Click here for more information on providing care and education for 2-3 year olds.


Our 3-5 year olds room

A hub of activity, structure and fun learning for our inspiring pre-school children. 

Our pre-school room is divided into well-defined “learning areas”, each equipped with resources that focus on a particular area of learning. These include emergent writing, mathematics, reading, information technology, role play, construction and many other activities.


Click here for more information on providing care and education for over 3s.

Outdoor Play Areas

Both our hedgehogs and rabbits benefit from shared, free-flow access to a large, protected outdoor play area, providing plenty of space to explore, interact and enjoy the fresh air.

Outdoor Soft Play

Purpose built space for our babies and toddlers to play safely together outdoors.

Our Forst School

Surrounded by private farm land, we are very lucky to have access to our very own forest school, and our fantastic outdoor space provides us with an excellent opportunity to teach the children about their environment and to respect the wildlife living near to their homes and nursery.


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Organic Kitchen Garden

Our on-site organic kitchen garden is a great way to encourage and teach our babies and children about the importance of healthy eating by growing our own fruit and vegetables, with the children's help of course! 


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Lovely Free-Range Chickens

A huge hit with all of our children, including our babies.  Animals are a great way to teach children to be respectful, caring and thoughtful towards others and the children love to feed, handle and interact with the chickens. 


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